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How We Help

The Women’s Safe House offers a full range of programs and services for women and their dependent children who are escaping domestic abuse.

Crisis Hotline

Trained employees and volunteers answer our crisis intervention hotline around the clock with compassion and care – assessing a woman’s safety and providing community referrals when needed. Once we have established that a woman is ready to leave the abusive relationship, we will conduct an assessment to ensure that our location is safe, and we assist with the development of a safety plan to help the client arrive safely to our confidential location.

If you or someone you know is in need of shelter call our Crisis Intervention Hotline at 314-772-4535.

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Once a woman or family enters into the Residential Program, The Women’s Safe House provides meals, clothing, and personal care items to make them feel at home. The client attends group and individual educational sessions, and has access to case management, children’s programming, legal advocacy, financial literacy workshops, transportation assistance, job placement guidance, support in finding new safe housing, and a wide variety of referrals and linkages to community and social services resources.

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Children’s Residential

The Children’s Residential Program provides a nurturing environment where children can play or take part in a variety of structured activities. Since children truly are secondary and tertiary victims of domestic violence, our Child Parent Advocates work diligently to help each child reach his or her potential by building their self-esteem, developing their character, and creating various coping strategies through school-aged exercises and prevention based curriculum.

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The AfterCare Program provides women with continued advocacy, case management, transportation assistance, and emergency financial assistance for one year following their completion of the Residential Program.

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Community Education

Through Community Education, we strive to educate women, men, and children about the dynamics of domestic violence in hopes of changing the community norms that allow violence to occur. Our presentations reach faith-based groups, businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and more.

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All programs are free and confidential.

If you or someone you know has been abused, please call our 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotline at 314-772-4535.

If you would like to support women and families escaping domestic violence, visit How You Can Help.