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Donate Stock to The Women’s Safe House

Donating appreciated stock is one of the easiest ways to increase your level of support to The Women’s Safe House. Advantages of donating stock include:

  • By donating stock that has appreciated for more than a year, you are actually giving 20% more than if you sold the stock and made a cash donation because you are avoiding capital gains taxes. 
  • Stock gifts are eligible for a tax deduction of the full, fair-market value of the asset donated, up to the overall amount allowed by the IRS.
  • Stock gifts are also eligible for the Missouri Domestic Violence Tax Credit – reducing Missouri income taxes by up to 70% of your gift. Please click here for more information and to see an example of how the tax credit can benefit you.

Please consult your tax advisor and broker prior to making a contribution to confirm the after-tax cost of your donation. To make a donation of stock to The Women’s Safe House, please provide the following information to your broker:

Contact(s): Steven Goldberg or Kevin Zeldin
8182 Maryland Avenue, 1st Floor
St. Louis, MO 63105
Ph. 314-726.8900

The Women’s Safe House
P.O. Box 63010
St. Louis, MO 63163
EIN: 43-1111319

Account Number: 6585-0524

DTC: 0793

For more information, please contact McKenna Nguepsi, Director of Development and Advancement at 314.916.0631 or