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Amazon Wish List

Here’s the link to The Women’s Safe House’s Amazon Wish List: Amazon 2024 Wish List . This list includes Houseware Items for other items needed in the Shelter and/or for our families in the STEPS program to help set up their households.

Drop Off Information
Tower Grove Baptist Church, 4257 Magnolia Ave, St Louis 63110-3501


Join us in making a difference this year by offering a monetary contribution to uphold our essential programs dedicated to empowering women and children residing in our safe house. Every donation, regardless of its size, holds immense value to us! Our initiatives to assist survivors of domestic violence thrive through the generosity of our community. Thanks to your support in 2023, we provided shelter and safety to 282 women and children. Your online donation can help us achieve this goal. Click here to make a meaningful impact today.

Contribute over $100 and you will be eligible to receive MO State Tax Credits for 70% of the donation amount.

If you have questions regarding monetary donations and/or Missouri Tax Credits, please email McKenna Nguepsi or call (314) 772-4535.