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Support The Women’s Safe House

When it comes to a tough issue such as domestic violence, many people don’t know what to do to help or get involved. Many fear they may say the wrong words, stare too long at a scar, or get too personal too soon. But don’t let your fear of becoming too vocal or too bold for the cause stifle you that you don’t speak out or step up at all. The Women’s Safe House offers several opportunities in which individuals, civic and professional organizations, community leaders, and corporate partners can join in our mission to empower hundreds of women and children who are escaping domestic abuse.

Donating your money is a great way to make a long-lasting impact on the operation of the shelter, but your time and talent is just as valuable as a volunteer, board member or participant with the young friend’s group. Consider your availability and how much time, talent, and resources you would like to extend in an effort to help support our cause – and then, decide exactly how you want to help.

Review the opportunities and make a commitment. If you have additional questions or concerns about how you can help, or if you have an idea that’s not on the list, email us. We would love to talk to you and together discover how you can help us help!