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October 14th, 2022 Domestic Violence Month Awareness Update

    How can domestic violence affect children?

    Children can be secondary victims of domestic violence, which can have detrimental, long-lasting effects without proper intervention.
    1 in 15 children are exposed to intimate partner violence each year.
    Children who witness or experience violence at home are three times as likely as their peers to engage in violent behavior.
    Children’s immediate reactions to experiencing domestic violence include:
      • generalized anxiety
      • sleeplessness
      • aggression
      • difficulty concentrating
      • nightmares
      • separation anxiety
    One of the most effective ways to protect children from harmful effects of experiencing domestic violence is to support programs that provide counseling and services to children.
    National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    Learn about TWSH’s Youth Development Program!

    The Women’s Safe House recognizes the effects that domestic violence can have on children who experience it firsthand. Our Youth Development Program Staff strive to help each child living in shelter reach their potential by building self-esteem, developing their character, and instilling respect for themselves and others through various school-aged and prevention-based curriculum.
    We provide trauma-informed services and case management to children in shelter including childcare services, assistance with school enrollment, counseling, assessments (safety, physical and mental health), referrals, Art Empowerment, Music Therapy, and more!
    In September, The Women’s Safe House began contracting Christy Merrell Music Therapy, lead by board certified music therapist Christy Merrell, to provide music therapy on a bi-weekly basis to adults, children, and teens in-shelter.
    Every two weeks, vibrant sounds of drums, guitars, and tambourines fill the halls of The Women’s Safe House as the youth and women are given a safe space to express their feelings through music. (pictured)
    For more information about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and ways to help, visit our DVAM page.