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Keeping Women, Children . . and now Pets Safe from Domestic Abuse!

    Did you know that 70% of domestic violence victims reported that their abuser threatened, harmed, or killed their pet to control them?

    50% of domestic and sexual abuse victims remained in an abusive situation because they feared for their pet’s safety!

    In the past, The Women’s Safe House was unable to help women keep their pets safe but that is about to change! We are proud to announce the building of The Pet Safe House, an on-site, secure kennel that will house up to eight pets at a time, helping to keep women, children and pets safe from domestic violence.
    With a generous grant from Purina and the RedRover Foundation, we will be the first women’s shelter in St. Louis with a stand-alone, climate-controlled kennel to house the pets of women fleeing domestic and sexual abuse. The grant will help cover nearly 60% of the cost and we are asking TWSH supporters to help meet our goal to build the kennel.

    With your help, we begin construction this Summer!

    Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to build the Pet Safe House at TWSH. Your support is critical to keeping women, children and pets safe!

    Donate Now!

    Contributions of $100 or more can receive a 70% Missouri Domestic Violence Tax credit making your gift more impactful! Learn More…