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Education and Outreach

Our Education and Outreach Program provides reliable, up-to-date information and resources about domestic violence, including how to offer support to victims and survivors. We actively raise public awareness about the complex effects of domestic violence on individuals, children and communities. Our education staff and volunteers speak at schools, in the workplace, and to community groups and churches on a wide variety of domestic violence related topics. Last year, we reached over 1000 metropolitan residents through more than 30 outreach events, workshops, training’s and speaking engagements. We also reached countless others via public service announcements and printed materials. Education and Outreach opportunities include:

Workplace Domestic Violence Education and Awareness: The Women’s Safe House innovative education and awareness program prepare businesses, agencies and corporations to address the ways in which domestic violence impacts the workplace, including the impact on employee’s productivity and the safety risk to onsite personnel and visitors.

The training will also prepare staff to:

  • better understand the dynamics of domestic violence,
  • identify possible signs and indicators of victimization,
  • make appropriate referrals to domestic violence service providers,
  • work with professionals to assist identified victims with safety planning, and
  • develop individualized responses in recognition of the physical, social and cultural realities that may affect an individual victim’s situation.

Speakers: TWSH provides speakers to a wide variety of groups, including colleges and universities, churches, service clubs, workplaces, community groups and other organizations. Topics include Domestic Violence 101, Teen Dating Violence 101, The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children, How to Help Someone Who Is Abused, and Intimate Partner Violence.

Domestic Violence Materials, Brochures, and Resources: TWSH provides brochures, resources, and other materials to educate the community about the issues of domestic violence. These materials have been placed in waiting rooms of doctor offices, the walls of high school classrooms, the offices of clergy, the bathrooms of corporations, and resource tables at community organizations.

To schedule a speaker, training or workshop, or to request materials contact the Public Relations Manager at (314) 772-4535, or send an e-mail to

Community-Based Prevention through Community Networking: our staff actively participates in policy work, community education and the support and development of system’s consciousness of the needs of abuse women, men and children. These forums include but are not limited to:

  • St. Louis Family Violence Council
  • Children’s Service Coalition
  • United Way of Greater St. Louis
  • Missouri Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • St. Louis Ending Violence Against Women Network

Through community events, health fairs, media advocacy, and material distribution, TWSH is active in efforts to encourage the community to take action to prevent domestic violence.